Lifetime Achievement Award

Lifetime Achievement Award

The Ohio Shorthorn Breeders Lifetime Achievement Award recognizes Ohio Shorthorn members who have shown exceptional leadership for Shorthorn activities in the state of Ohio. These honorees are persons that have shown exceptional passion and can be given credit to helping with the long-term success of the Shorthorn breed in the state of Ohio. They have attended functions, and have shown their passion and love for the breed and the people within the breed. A Lifetime Achievement Award winner is a true Shorthorn enthusiast who has positively impacted the Shorthorn breed and the members of the Ohio Shorthorn Breeders Association.

Past Winners:


2023 - Michael and Karen Bihl

For countless years, Michael and Karen have supported the Shorthorn industry in Ohio. Michael has served on the Ohio Shorthorn Breeders’ Association Board of Directors where he held the offices of president, vice president, and treasurer. Additionally, he served as the chairman of the scholarship committee for 14 years. For more than 20 years, Karen has served as a lassie officer in the Ohio Shorthorn Lassies Association. In this capacity she coordinates the Ohio Shorthorn hospitality events at both the Ohio Beef Expo and the Ohio State Fair. Karen is also known as the “Keeper of the Kilts” for her efforts as Queen Chairman.

2022 - Jay Benham

Jay Benham of Stone Spring Shorthorns in Troy is a fifth generation Shorthorn Breeder who brought a myriad of agriculture experience to the breed. His ag experience ranges from working in Washington DC to being a former ag teacher. Jay was the first president and administrative secretary of the National FFA Alumni Association. His leadership in OSBA rebuilt the association. His effort still plays a key role in the association’s strong standings.

2021 - Tom Turner

Tom Turner of Turner Shorthorns in Somerset, is a third-generation Shorthorn breeder. Upon retiring from OSU in 2008, Tom and his wife, Susie, made it their goal to build their herd from hobby farm status to a thriving and growing herd of more than 60 head of purebred Shorthorn and Shorthorn Plus cattle. Tom has met that goal and works everyday to continue to improve and build not only his herd but the Shorthorn Breed as well.

2020 - Ron Cronley

Ron Cronley, of Mt. Victory, was honored as the 2020 recipient. Cronley is a fourth generation Shorthorn breeder who has always had a love for the breed and the people involved within it. Cronley can always be found giving a helping hand at the Farm Science Review or helping behind the scenes at one of the OSBA shows. He never misses an OSBA activity and has helped shape young breeders with words of encouragement and advice. Cronley is a true Shorthorn enthusiast who has positively impacted OSBA, its members, and the breed.

2019 - Jane Brautigam

Jane Brautigam of JAMS Shorthorns in Sidney was the 2019 recipient. Brautigam has been an OSBA member for many years and has helped with the success of the organization at the state, local and national levels.

2018 - Keith Moore

Keith Moore of Mooreland Farms in Russellville was the 2018 recipient. Keith has been around Shorthorn Cattle since he started in 4-H in 1946. In the early 1970’s he served as the secretary and fieldman of the Ohio Shorthorn Breeders’ Association until he began working for the American Shorthorn Association in 1974 in various positions until 1981.

He then returned to the farm where he raised tobacco and managed his Shorthorn herd in Brown County. He has served as the Shorthorn representative for the Ohio Beef Expo since 1988. Whether Keith attends an event with, or without animals, you can bet he will always be promoting the Shorthorn breed!